What is cashless?

Cashless is a method of payment that helps improve the event experience. You’ll spend less time in queues, less time worrying about cash, less time concerned with fraud and theft, and most importantly, more time enjoying the event! Your wristband acts as your wallet.


How do I get my wristband?

You will receive your wristband when you arrive at the festival. You will only be able to enter the festival if you have a valid wristband, which will be checked at the security gate.


How do I load funds onto my wristband?

To load funds onto your wristband you can do it at a top-up point onsite with cash or card.


How do I purchase items during the festival?

Simply tap your wristband at any of the outlets at the venue to pay for your order and the amount due will be deducted.


Can I use cash to make purchases at the festival?

No, cashless will be the only payment method for Greenworld festival 2019.


How will I know how many Euros I’ve got left on my wristband?

You can request a balance check at any of the bars, top-up points or food vendors.


Can I add funds with my phone during the event?

No. During the event, funds can only be added at the designated top-up points. 


What if I have unused money on my wristband after the festival?

You can claim back any unused funds online with 1€ fee by transaction. To cash out, visit festival ́s web, sign in and select ‘Cash Out’. You will be asked to link your wristband and provide card details to complete the cashout. You can link a maximum of 5 wristbands to the same account.




What if I lose my wristband?

If your wristband is lost or stolen, you can get a replacement. However, please keep in mind that your wristband is similar to cash. This means we can issue a new wristband, but your credit will be lost.


Can I transfer my money to someone else’s wristband?

No, your credit is not transferable.


How long is the wristband valid for?

The wristband is only valid during the festival through the close of the cash out period. From 17th at 10:00 local time to 22th September at 23:59.


What if my wristband gets cut, torn or wet?

The wristband will still be accepted across the festival should you have funds on it. However, you are welcome to collect another wristband free of charge at the entrance to the festival. Your wristband is water-resistant.


What if I have any questions?

If you have further questions, ask any of the cashless staff at the festival. If you require further information, send an email to support@justtappit.com.

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