As per our last statement, we want to inform you about how to proceed with refunds or validation of the tickets for the postponed 11th of April date to the new ones, on the 4th of July or on the 12th of September, for the moment, when we´ll celebrate the next confirmed dates in 2020.


Due to “National Emergency” and because of the lack of activity and mobility we´re on right now, we could only proceed, by now, with Online refunds.


Regarding physical tickets, we´ll proceed to refund or validate them for the next shows on the 2020 once we can back to normality in order to provide you several sale points in every island where you could claim for refunds or change for another of the available and confirmed  dates.


Everyone who wants to use the actual tickets for the 4th of July Opening or for the 12th of September, we now confirm your tickets will be valid as QR Codes and will be valid on one of the next Festival dates, following the normal entrance procedures and with a total normality.


For the ones who bought ONLINE TICKETS and want to apply for a refund, please send an email to and please include on the attachment your ticket in a PDF format where we can clearly read the QR Code and the buyer full name.


The ones who bought ACCOMMODATION PACKS they could use it in any of the new dates, 4th of July or 12th of September.

They just need to send an email to and tell us wich date you want to use the pack.

For those who want a refund of the ACCOMMODATION PACK please send an email to asking for the refund and attaching the booking confirmation PDF and the payment confirmation with the full name on it.


If you bought the SEASON TICKET, you can still use the ticket for the 2 following dates, following the same procedure than with the normal tickets, we´re working hard to find an alternative solution regarding the cancelled date. Please bear with us and will give you more info asap.

If you want a refund of the SEASON TICKET please send an email to attaching the purchase confirmation in PDF  where we can clearly read the QR Code and the buyer full info.


Refund claims will start today 1st of April 2020 and we´ll end on the 15th of April 2020.


Once this term ends on the 15th of April, we´ll start paying the amounts to everyone who asked for it in your bank accounts/credit cards.


We also want to inform you that we´re updated and in constant communication with the relevant people/institutions about the progress of COVID-19 and all the measures are being taken from the Spain Government and Health Minister.


We keep on working to make Greenworld happens on the 4th of July, but, for us, right now, the most important thing is to insist you to follow Official authorities advices, stay at home, wash your hands, keep distance etc, in order to stop this damn virus together…. It will be the only way to solve this and dance together again.

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