Access Conditions - GREENWORLD

Ticketholders and the use of the entrance ticket implies the acceptance of the following conditions:

1.1. Limited entry to each area of the event.

1.2. The organisation reserves the right to make any last-minute changes to the programme, event change of location and/or operating hours, as a result of unforeseen circumstances (force majeure).

1.3. GW tickets are non-refundable due to negative climatic changes, natural disasters, closure of Spanish airspace, strikes and/or public manifestations, change of location, artist indisposition or death or any other unforeseen circumstances not attributable to the Organisation.

1.4. Once a GW ticket has been acquired, it will not be exchanged or refunded under any circumstances, unless, there is a change of the event date. The organisation accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged GW Tickets.

1.5. No re-admissions or pass-outs will be allowed. A new GW ticket must be purchased to re-entry.

1.6. The organisation accepts no responsibility in case an entry ticket is lost, stolen and/or having purchased festival wrist bands in un-authorised dealers. Entry tickets can only be purchased in official dealers that are shown in the official festival web address (


Admission rights

The organisation reserves the right to refuse admission and establish the following conditions:

2.1. Valid photographic ID is required upon entry to verify your entry ticket and age (you must be over 18 years of age to gain entry to GW Festival). Suitable forms of valid photographic ID: passport, driver’s licence and any photographic ID that carries the PASS logo. Photocopies are not acceptable.

2.2. As per Spanish legislation, the organisation reserves the right to confiscate any item which, in our opinion, may be dangerous to any other person at the event; or listed as not-allowed on the event website. Without limitation, the following may not be brought into the venue: food & drink; bottles; cans; glass containers; Animals (except assistance dogs); Any recording or transmitting equipment (including professional cameras); pyrotechnics or fireworks; distress flares and flares; smoke bombs; laser pens; flags on poles; items which may be regarded as weapons; illegal substances; legal highs (Inc. nitrous oxide); tables; chairs of any sort, including stools, floor seating and shooting sticks; BBQ’s and any kind of cooking apparatus; gazebos and sun umbrellas; food hampers/cool bags/boxes; alcohol; large (golf) umbrellas; bicycles


2.3. All GW tickets are non-refundable when access has been denied with immediate eviction, festival wrist band confiscated for the following reasons:

–Not following organisation team member instructions,

–Drug possession and/or dealing,

–Drunk/drugged and/or disorderly behaviour,


2.4. Animals are not allowed entry, except guide dogs.

2.5. GW ticket holders accept all risks derived from/and of public concentration, festival entry or exit. The organisation will have no responsibility if objects have been stolen or damaged by others.

2.6. GW organisation may cancel or modify any of the above mentioned conditions if and when redeemed necessary towards the correct event operation; and communicate such changes through adequate channels.

Public rules

3.1. GW ticket holders are expected to stay within assigned and authorised areas, without trespassing into other unauthorised areas, not fit for purpose.

3.2. Weapons or dangerous items, objects that could be used as weapons are not allowed. Exhibiting symbols, wearing  clothing or objects that may incite violence, or items that may be perceived as a direct violation to fundamental rights described in the Spanish Constitution, specially racism, xenophobia and gender violence are strictly prohibited.

3.3. Please respect GW Festival rules, regulations and conditions established by the organisation.

3.4. please refrain from accessing the stage or backstage.

3.5. Please avoid actions that may endanger yourself and/or others, generating discomfort to the public and/or the organisation´s team.  

The organisation may adopt preventive measures as they see fit to guarantee the adequate event development when rules and regulations are not being followed.

Intellectual property and Data protection

4.1. All image and intellectual property rights derived from any event or celebration taken place within GW Festival grounds are protected. Entering GW Festival implies accepting and agreeing to being filmed, photographed, recorded as part of the assisting public by authorised communication teams that may reproduce the filmed/photographed material for promotional and marketing purposes, waiving the right to be compensated.

4.2. Cameras or professional video systems are not allowed unless expressly authorised by the Organisation. Sound systems are not allowed either.

4.3. As per Spanish law: Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de diciembre, Personal Data Protection Act, all facilitated personal data will be transferred to the event ownership, GW for operating the event and its customers and for sending commercial/promotional material of its events, products and services.

As a GW Festival attendee, you understand and agree for your personal data/image may be published by GW in the following media and with previously cited objectives:

–GREENWORLD www.greenworldfestival.euweb page

–Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, Tuenti, etc.)

We would appreciate your help in keeping all public spaces and installations in the best possible conditions, in the same way you found them.

We work towards making your experience as easy and comfortable as possible, so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest; we would appreciate your help to achieve this. A reciprocal relationship based on mutual respect is not mandatory but we consider it convenient.

Thank you and welcome @ GREENWORLD.

Should you have any further queries, please feel free to get in touch in the following email address: .

People with disabilities

People with mobility issues (pregnant, injured…) or disabled, have a designated area to enjoy the event. There are disabled entry points to the event. Please follow the signs.


There are portable toilets conveniently located throughout the Festival. Please use the official map to locate them. Please remember that everybody will need a toilet at some point, so please leave them as clean as possible after each use, thank you.


You are expected to carry your photographic ID at all times.

Please drink moderately and responsibly; don´t drink and drive. There will be public transport available, including a taxi rank. Free parking available.

Please do not forget to take a cap or a hat. Do not forget your sun cream, you will be needing it for the first part of the show. Summer in Tenerife is hot with plenty of sun –please take the necessary measures to protect yourself from the sun.

Feel free to bring your swim suits –there are resting areas available. Comfortable clothing is recommended.

Please drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration…

Audio and video recorders are not allowed in Greenworld; including professional video or cameras, not allowed. Only domestic video/cameras are allowed. Please refrain from using flash at all times. If you are a journalist and would like to cover the event, please apply for a press pass.

For security reasons, there are no cloakroom facilities in the Festival.

Please inform security personnel of any witnessed violence acts inside Festival grounds, or any violent or aggressive behaviour.  

Dangerous objects

It is forbidden to enter the Festival with sharp objects, glass, metal, inflatable items. It is forbidden to throw any objects around, including food & drink.

There will be a security control at the entrance, you are expected to cooperate with them.

Area conservation

GW will take place in a privileged surrounding: Amarilla Golf Course 11sthole.

One of our main priorities is cleanliness and maintenance. We expect you to keep everything clean and tidy as well.

There will be bins throughout the Festival grounds, please use them. Only plastic cups are used in all bars.

Medical Services

There is a Medical Services designated area where you can find doctors, nurses, ambulances and an emergency hospital. If you feel unwell, you have witnessed or had an accident, you are expected to go to the Medical Services area and seek assistance. Also, we also have different security specialists such as firemen, police and civil security.

Food and Drink

You may find many bars where you can purchase water, beer, refreshments and even cocktails. There are also resting areas where you can chill out, take a break and have some food. There will be plenty of fast food available.

In order to avoid unnecessary waiting we highly recommend to come with plenty of time and avoid queuing as much as possible.

Food and beverages are not allowed from outside the Festival grounds.

Image Rights

All people, supplier, sub contracted personnel and so forth, that access the event, waive their personal image and data protection right to Just Music Events SL for filming, photograph material or any other promotional material. Such material may use this material for future marketing and promotional purposes, including the internet.


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